To Prospective Member(s):

Download the Membership Application
Please complete it in its entirety, and follow the directions noted below for processing.

Your application is subject to action by the Board of Directors and the right to refuse an applicant is reserved.

Each member (a family constitutes a member and is defined as all members of the immediate family and relatives residing in one household and having this residence as their permanent legal address) shall purchase one (1) bond of the Green-Fields Swimming Club in the amount of $450.

A non-refundable Application Fee of $26.66 is to accompany the application ($25.00 plus $1.66 NJ Sales Tax). The completed application should be sent to Green-Fields Swimming Club, PO Box 172, Thorofare, NJ 08086-0172, or it can be given to a current member of the Club or Board Member.  During the swim season, you can also drop the application off at the pool. Please give it to the checker on duty.

If you are accepted for membership, you will be advised by letter or email signed by a member of the Membership Committee. You will then be requested to pay a: Non-refundable Initiation Fee of $53.31 ($50.00 plus $3.31 NJ Sales Tax).

The Membership Fee (Bond) in the amount of $450.00 will be payable when a membership vacancy is available. In most cases the letter will be sent when a vacancy is available, therefore, the letter will include both fees.

At the time an offer for membership is made, you will also be required to pay the annual dues. The dues are made up of 3 parts (2022 costs shown):

  1. Fixed Dues* ($300)
  2. Per Person Dues* (see below for details)
  3. Capital Expense Fee ($75)
* Dues are subject to NJ sales tax.  The amounts shown exclude applicable taxes.

  • Per person dues: $100.00*.
  • Senior per person dues: $50* (62 years of age as of April 1st of the current season).
  • Infants: Free (Children under 2 as of April 1st of the current season).

Bonds of the Green-Fields Swimming Club are non-transferable and are redeemable only by the Club. Redemption and refund, of your bond, will be made to a withdrawing member when a replacement member is available and the original paper bond is returned to the club. A refund will be delayed if the paper bond or a statement indicating that the bond has been lost are not provided with a resignation request. All resignations must be submitted in writing and include a resignation request form, along with the paper bond. Please include a forwarding address if you are moving out of the area.