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Green-Fields Swimming club as established the following Rules and Regulations for the safeguarding of its members and guests and the protection of its property. Since each member has a vest interest in the safe and healthful operation of the Club’s facilities, it is essential that these Rules and Regulations be observed.


The Pool Manger or Assistant Manager, with the assistance of the lifeguards and the Club’s elected officials, has the responsibility to enforce all Rules and Regulations. In the discharge of this responsibility, the Pool Manger is hereby granted full authority to temporarily suspend Club privileges for rule violations.  Continue violation of rules may result in revocation of membership. Members observing rule violations should report them to the Manager or Assistant Manager.


Monday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Sunday   12:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The swimming pools must be vacated five minutes before closing time.


The Manager or Assistant manager with the approval of three members of the Board of Directors may extend closing time 1 hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The pool may be closed at specific times for special activities.  Advance notice of these activities will be posted on the bulletin board.  The Manager or Assistant Manage may close the Club early due to inclement weather or in an emergent.  The facility will be reopened when the weather or emergency clears.  Lack of attendance is not sufficient reason to close early.



1. Entrance and exit to the parking lot shall be at the south ramp and traffic shall be one way as indicated by signs.  Parking shall be diagonal.  There shall be no parking in front of the clubhouse entrance or the gates and only brief standing to pick up or discharge passengers.

2. No loitering is allowed in the parking lot after the poll is closed.



1. All persons, including club members, must identify themselves to the checker on duty at the entrance gate before entering the Club Grounds.


2. Children UNDER TEN, unless accompanied by their parents, a non-member baby-sitter or responsible members, are not permitted on the Club grounds or facilities at any time.


3. Children UNDER TWELVE, , unless accompanied by their parents, a non-member baby-sitter or responsible members, are not permitted on the Club grounds or facilities after 6:00 PM.


4. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be prohibited from entering the pool and/or removed from the facility.


5. Bicycle riders shall walk their bicycles through the entrance to the parking stalls and shall place their cycles there.  Should there be more bicycles than stalls; bicycles shall be parked adjacent to the parking stalls.  Bicycles thrown on the ground or parked outside the prescribed area will be removed to the outside parking lot at the owner’s risk.


6. There shall be no loitering, congregating or visiting in the entrance, in the checker’s room or the Manager’s office.


1. Members and guests use the pools and facilities at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property belonging to a member, guest or visitor.


2. All lost and found items not claimed within three days will be disposed of as management may decide.


3. The cost of damage to Club property will be charged to the member(s) responsible.  If a minor child caused the damage, the cost shall be charged to the parent of such child.


4. No running, pushing, wrestling, ball playing or undue disturbance will be tolerated near the clubhouse entrance, the pool aprons, upper terrace and adjacent to or in the snack bar area.


5. Glass containers are permitted ONLY in the picnic area. No glass containers or any kind are permitted in the pool or around the pool areas. Food and/or refreshments shall be consumed only in the prescribed areas. No food may be carried to or eaten on the pool apron or in the locker rooms. Alcoholic beverages are permitted only in the picnic area except during Club sponsored adult social activities.


6. No smoking is permitted in any building on the premises and in the kiddie pool area.


7. All trash must be deposited in the containers provided.  Cigarette butts must be put into metal butt cans.


8. The tables on the slab near the snack bar are primarily for snack bar patrons.  Those bringing their own lunches, etc. are requested to use the picnic area facilities.


9. No chairs or chaise lounges are permitted on the pool decks other than for lifeguard or staff use.


10. Umbrella stakes must not be driven into the lawns.


11. No skateboards, “super-shooters” or water guns will be allowed on Club premises.


12. No dogs or other animals shall be allowed within the Club premises.



1. Members will be allowed guest and visitor privileges.  All applications for such privileges must be made by a member 13 years or older at the entrance gate.  Members must remain at the Club with their guests or visitors.  Any members who brings a guest or visitor into the Club grounds without registration is subject to suspension.  Guests may be required to show proper identification before or during their admittance.


2. Members planning to bring 20 or more guests to the pool on the same day are required to notify the manager in writing three weeks in advance.  The Board of Directors must approve all such applications.  A complete list of guests for such large groups must be submitted to the Club at least one day prior to visitation.


3. An individual who is a Gloucester County resident is limited to six (6) guest admittances per season.  Senior citizens are exempt from this limit.


4. It will be the responsibility of the member to arrange appropriate band testing for any guest twelve and under as outlined in the pool rules section.


5. Guest rates:

a:  Adults/children $7

b:  Seniors $3

c.  Adult/children after 4:00 pm  $5

d.  Seniors after 4:00 pm $2

e.  children under 2- no charge



6. Members requesting privileges for houseguests may register them with the Manager or Assistant Manager by presenting a letter addressed to the Board of Directors giving details and paying the required fee at the time the guests arrive.  Formal action on said requests will be taken at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.


7. Member’s houseguests who are non-residents of Gloucester County, may be admitted for the following guest fees:

a. Per week per person  $25.00

b. Per month per person  $65.00

c. Senior citizens per week $10.00

d. Senior citizens per month $30.00


8. Subject to Board approval and upon written application, members may request guest privileges for an individual designated as a “babysitter”.  Such privileges may be extended to an individual who has been given the responsibility of providing supervision and care for the child/children upon submission of the required forms and payment of any established fees.  Babysitters are permitted at the Club only when supervising the sponsoring member’s children.


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